Two years later: How acquisition made us better

Two years later: How acquisition made us better

In 2017, HomeStars (the website I founded in 2006), was acquired by Denver-based HomeAdvisor. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years! I’ve learned some interesting things along the way.

One of the biggest surprises is that there were no surprises. I imagined there might be some uncomfortable — or unexpected — moments during the transition, but frankly, it’s been very smooth and much better than expected. I was also concerned about how the transition would affect our employees, but two years in, we have all learned a great deal from like-minded people working across departments, websites and markets.

HomeAdvisor is part of the ANGI Homeservices group of companies, which are owned by Interactive Corp (IAC), a leader in connecting people online. They own most of the major home service marketplaces around the world, which means HomeStars has access to a wealth of international insights and technical expertise. By adapting some of their approaches, we’ve been able to introduce matching technology across hundreds of tasks that help homeowners connect faster with reputable contractors.

From a marketing perspective, HomeAdvisor has been investing heavily in TV advertising for several years to build their brand, which helped them overtake Angie’s List as the #1 home services website in the U.S. a few years ago. We recently adapted one of their top-performing TV advertisements for the Canadian market.

The acquisition has made us a better company. We are bigger, better and stronger. In the two years since the acquisition, HomeStars has more than doubled our workforce, and also our revenue and profit. And the most rewarding result is that we’ve been able to invest in our employee’s leadership and skills training. We have promoted over a dozen people in the past year within and across departments.

The truth is, both HomeAdvisor in the U.S. and HomeStars in Canada are laser-focused on the same mission: to be the leader in connecting homeowners with reputable home service professionals. And I’m excited to report that we are definitely on track to achieve our mission.