Final day as HomeStars CEO

Final day as HomeStars CEO

Our press release that went out last week about my retirement and my two talented successors — Megan Oldfield and Shir Magen. They, along with our leadership team of Chris Harris, Carl Hume, Adam Davidson and Dilip Kulasingham, plus over 130 dedicated employees are ready to take HomeStars to a new level of growth.

As I wrap up this month, I’ve been talking to many of our employees and reflecting on what we’ve achieved. It’s been an incredible journey to watch our company grow from a simple idea into the most trusted home improvement brand in Canada. It’s been rewarding every time a homeowner has said, “Thank you for helping me find this amazing pro.” And it happens all the time. In our early years, we did home shows each spring and fall across several major Canadian cities. Standing in the booth and talking to dozens of homeowners each day, the constant refrain was, “What a great idea” and “I really need HomeStars to help me find reliable contractors.”

And I loved hearing service pro’s tell me how their business has grown, and their work is now steady thanks to HomeStars. I’ve heard hundreds of incredible stories from pro’s that were about to pack it in and find another career because building a steady client base was hard. Once they got a great review from a homeowner, it led to calls, new great clients and more great reviews. The power of online reviews is proven to be the most effective tool to build a business. And a negative review only helps them learn and get better. When we started out, people told us we were crazy, as service pro’s would not pay for advertising if they got bad reviews. Glad they were wrong. In fact, that’s why our Star Score rating system only reaches 99 — no one is perfect!

Starting a company from scratch had some unbelievable highs and many lows. I liken it to a roller coaster where you’re breaking a sweat on the long way up and then screaming bloody hell and waving your arms on the descent.

There were lots of great people that worked tirelessly to build the foundation prior to our acquisition by HomeAdvisor (now ANGI Homeservices) in early 2017. Your contributions were very meaningful and I will always be eternally grateful. You should be forever proud of what we accomplished together. Many are still at HomeStars, while some have moved on to other endeavours.

Jodi Showers
Brian Sharwood
Terry Mardini
Ryan D’Souza
Luis Saffie
Steve Wilson
Sarah Steele
Jennifer Browne
Ian Gray
Gerry Power
Colleen Mc Grory
Craig Wedseltoft
Beth Mills
Michael Gibson
Emily Fazio
Nadia Iaboni
Alicia Lima
Jocelyn Davis
Bruce Smith
Stephanie Dies
Jessica Greaves
Angela Lloyd
Sandra Ferreira (our first software developer who built the original .ca platform. I would love to find her!)
Ben Bruneau
Gerry Hubley
Jessica Sugar
Shannon Wong
Paola Romero Garate
Tom Brookes
Victor Dei
Mostafa Elhefnawy
Anshuman Tripathy
Milton Andrade
Maritza de Guzman
Abdallah Pharaon
Bernard Otu
Kevin Smit
Ashley Kelly
Adrienne Goodman
Elena Zossimas
Brendon Toyne
Katherine Toyne
Jeff Trumble
Les Templeton
Kristin Link
Shannon Peel
Katherine Smith
Michelle Hernandez
Martha Ainsley
Heather Leitch
Curtis Townson
Leslie Andrachuk
Amy Rudolph
David Coughlan
Leora Heilbronn
Andrea Ozretic
Beatriz Friz
Naiomi Jackson
Scott Bradshaw
David McKimm
And especially … Megan Oldfield, who now takes the helm, along with Shir Magen.

Thank you all for bringing your “A” game to HomeStars. Please reach out anytime.

One of the keys to my success has to be my husband, Dave Bounsall, who never wavered in his support, through all the tough times. He was truly a rock, and allowed us to invest our life savings into a meaningful mission, without ever questioning me.

Also special thanks to my board, Andrew Goodman and Wendy Thompson, who worked with me on the big decisions and financing along the way. We had over thirty investors that believed in our team and our mission. There was nothing more satisfying to me than writing cheques to each person who believed in me, to pay back their investment plus a nice return in early 2017.

There are many other contributors — lawyers, accountants, agencies, and vendors — that gave their best and I look forward to thanking them (again) in person.

One of my favourite quotes that stuck with me throughout my career, should guide anyone trying to do something they believe in and that is hard to achieve.

“When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one,
but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”
Leo Burnett

Thank you all,
Nancy Peterson

HomeShow circa 2011